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December, 2018


LWUG Meeting on Twitch!

Come join us right now. Visit this happy fluffy link!

Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three

Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three, features two very special ships from the feature film “Iron Sky”. First up, the Russian “Mir” which is a proverbial kit bash if there ever was one in science fiction, the “Mir” from Iron Sky is it. A reflection of the horrific (if not always fully of surprises) state of Soviet and later Russian Federation space programs this ship combines what was supposed to the “burn up and splashdown” re-entry disposed of space station of Taco Bell publicity stunt fame from aRead More

5 LightWave Animation Pipelines for Unity

Four years ago I published a set of tutorials for Unity pipelines, and a lot has changed since then. In this bundle, you will get the earlier 4 Animation Pipeline pack, slightly edited for accuracy, plus additional notes for Unity 2018, GlyconVR, Substance Painter (including a Substance Painter config that simplifies Unity work), a model Santa Claus with no license restrictions, and a video on character animation. Over 700Mb of content and 20 minutes of additional, concise, edited video and instructions. Animation Pipelines for Unity will walk you through the 5Read More

House Modeling with LightWave & LWCad [PN]

Phil Nolan goes into detail building a house model from scratch using LightWave 3D 2018 and LWCad 5.2. This tutorial assumes you know the basics of LightWave 3D and will go further, getting you into using CAD based tools inside LightWave. You’ll start with included background images to work from and build the house level by level including the interior walls, stairs, windows and doors, a deck, and even a roof with modeled shingles! This tutorial consists of 7 videos that come to more than and hour and a halfRead More

Meowy Christmas sale now on at

What a crazy day! But now, something we hope you really like. It’s time for our 8th (imagine that) Christmas Sale. Woohoo! =^..^= It gets better too with new products from Adam Gibson, Phil Nolan, and Kat in just two shakes (of a tail or something… that’s how it goes). Here is our awesome coupon code for this year: MeowyChristmas2018 Get 25% off purchases on until Jan 2nd, 2019! Wait what? It’s that year? uh oh. Where is Roy Batty? More details coming shortly for new products and some otherRead More

Join us for todays LightWave3D User Group Meeting on!

Check it out! Presentations from Chilton and Kat today with give aways from Adobe and NewTek Inc.!

New!! Lightwave 2018- Volume #4- Surfacing I- Principled BSDF

Lightwave 2018- Volume #4- Surfacing I- Principled BSDF In this fourth volume of 12 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson will not only show you how to get up and started surfacing your 3D models in Lightwave 2018 but will also introduce you to some the new powerful features. A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users. FREE Bonus Content: Premade 3D Practice Models (in Lightwave 3D (.lwo) format Just $29.00 USD Table of Contents Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Lightwave 2018 Vs. Lightwave 2015 Chapter 3- What is PBR? (PhysicallyRead More