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Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three

Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three, features two very special ships from the feature film “Iron Sky”. First up, the Russian “Mir” which is a proverbial kit bash if there ever was one in science fiction, the “Mir” from Iron Sky is it. A reflection of the horrific (if not always fully of surprises) state of Soviet and later Russian Federation space programs this ship combines what was supposed to the “burn up and splashdown” re-entry disposed of space station of Taco Bell publicity stunt fame from a few years back. That and spare parts of just about anything the Soviets and later the Russian Federation space programs shot into orbit. Meticulously detailed in many places, while head scratching in a few others where details could have been really been driven towards, the “Mir” in Iron Sky is a border line capital ship and the direct opposite of the USS George W. Bush scene in the film. It’s primary weapon is in effect, a Particle Projection Cannon with its power source said to be re-purposed nuclear material from failed Mars missions, or orbital nuclear weapons platforms. Take your pick. With the “Mir” you probably would be right with both. “It came in pieces” so to speak, and the primary weapon system is a frontal assault type, more than likely intended to strike at ground based targets such as ICBM silos, power plants, critical infrastructure or ocean faring weapons platforms such as American Aircraft Carriers and their support ships. Fully rigged, this model and scene set up for LightWave 2015.3 (and previous versions going back to 10.1) has been checked and ready for you to play around with and study. It includes the original engine system and PPC weapon rig used in the feature film. Please note, the final effect was treated heavily in post and color corrected to the final result one sees in the picture. Next up is the controversial, almost lost to several hard drive crashes and idiots with lawyers and market courts with no concept of reality… the Japanese “Banzai” Ship. This ship has seen work in 4 different 3D packages. Originally built in 3DSMax, then modified and cleaned up in Modo, before being completely overhauled again in LightWave3D in order to get it it to hero level as picture ready requirements needed to be upped to the best level possible after several shots were added to the feature film shot list with close ups of this ship being called for (because its that’s cool). This meant final work completed including the volumetric engine system and laser bank weapons rigging by Kat himself who also prepared it for destruction/ramming duties in shots found at the end of the picture. A combination of LightWave3D Modeler (mostly Modeler working on the fly during shot set ups) and 3D-Coat was used to produce the damage morphs needed to finish the job. 3 highly skilled VFX artists contributed to the design, construction, and “flight” of this model and it was produced completely independent of the “Production Designer” on the show who interfered constantly, with the VFX process. Maybe that’s why it’s so cool? Yes, because it’s an absolutely original design. Seb, Tuomas and Kat say “banzai!” mofos! Get Iron Sky Models and Scenes Pack Volume. Three for just $44.49USD

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