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January, 2018


Free Video! New TurbulenceFD Build: 1433

There is a brand new build of TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D out and it gives you some extra niffy in 2018.0.1. Make sure you watch this video! It will save you a LOT of hassle. Practical Production Techniques Vol. 22 [KAT]Kat is back with another in the Practical Production Techniques series, this time with Volume 22! In this installment in the incredibly popular series, Kat walks you through a complete VFX shot for “Curse of The Phantom Shadow” and continues off of the back of Project TowTruck (see Kat’s other titlesRead More

ARKit – Augmented Reality for LightWave 2018

As of Sunday, April 8, this product is not eligible for a free upgrade to AR Portfolio. However, it is included as part of the downloads of AR Portfolio. Augmented Reality introduction for iPhone and iOS devices, using LightWave 2018, Unity3D, and ARKit. When Apple added ARKit to the iOS, they created 500 million new augmented reality users, almost overnight. This is a pretty easy wave to catch, but setting it all up requires passing a number of hurdles. In this video series, I’m going to walk you through every oneRead More

Free Video! Ryan Roye -Quick Tour of LightWave3D 2018

Ryan Roye has produced this nice little video covering in a “quick tour fashion”, many, but not all of the improvements and features found in LightWave3D 2018. He does this while at several points comparing the various performance gains above LightWave3D 2015 side-by-side. While just over 10 minutes long, it’s probably the most informative video regarding the benefits and caveats of LightWave3D 2018  out there so far while keeping it all clear to understand.  More of this is on its way. Kat is still working on his first LW 2018Read More