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February, 2015


The Syflex Workflow Guide

The Syflex Workflow Guide by Ryan Roye Syflex is a very powerful 3rd party soft body simulation engine for Lightwave… but it’s poorly understood despite the fact it’s up to 50 times faster than native tools. Simulate character clothing, hair, water, mud, leaves, and anything you can think of in real time. Ryan demystifies this underrated plugin and introduces trade secret workflows that will let your dynamics work with your scene rather than against it! VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime (Syflex content): Approx. 80 minutes Video Runtime (Supplementary): Approx. 26Read More

Substance Painter for Lightwave Users-Volume #2

Substance Painter for Lightwave Users-Vol.#2- Getting Started II-by Adam Gibson What is Substance Painter?  Substance Painter is an extremely powerful 3D Painting Software package that is becoming very popular in the 3D Industry. It comes fully loaded with eye-popping materials to paint on your 3D models.  Metals, Stone, Rock, Fabric, Wood and more.  It also has a huge collection of tools and brushes to create  weathering, dirt, scratches, corrosion, rust, skin, lizard scale detail (and more) with great speed and quality. A must have piece of software for those whoRead More

New Kat Video! Practical Production Techniques Vol. 9 – The Art of Polygon Reduction

Kat is back with a new awesome video for you! This one is the third and final installment in the sub-series on Advanced Texture Baking for LightWave3D artists. In this title, Kat gives you the run down on two tools that you absolutely need to have in order to do the best polygon reduction work; Qemmloss3 and MooTools Polygon Cruncher for LightWave. At 180 minutes this 11 part video gives you a great overview of the process of putting your models on a polygon diet getting them ready for useRead More

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