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January, 2011


LightNet: Cloud – Onsite/Offsite Render Controller

LightNet: Cloud

Joe Justice has announced his new render controller is available for public beta.

LightNet: Cloud takes a totally different approach to rendering. It uses a FTP server to store scene data and output frames. Render nodes can be on the onsite network or offsite connecting via the internet. The settings are simple and there is a diagnostics tool to help setup. Scenes are sent to the sever via a Watch Folder. All you have to do is drop a scene in the folder and everything happens automagically.

TreesDesigner gets an update.

Plugin developer Pawel Olas has recently updated a few of his excellent tools for LightWave 9.6 and 64 bit LightWave.  In particular, his revolutionary TreeDesigner tool has had an update, having the separate LeavesGenerator tool now integrated and added as part of the tool itself. Also updated are Smartmorph, a powerful morph animation toolset that adds grouping, non-linear morphing, driven-key and texture control to the way that morphs are animated in Layout.  RandomCloner is also now updated in 64-bit.

New Uberdeal – SplineGod Video Special

We have a new UberDeal special on right now that everyone should check out.

For $129.00USD you can pick up all 9 of Larry’s Videos that he has with us on and will throw in a copy of UberCam 1.5 for saying thank you for all of your support. That’s almost 50 bucks off what it would cost to get Larry’s Videos purchase separately on their own plus UberCam 1.5 which is priced at 39.95USD regularly brings you a savings of almost $90 dollars in total.

DP Instance 1.5 Update

Denis P. is really getting a lot of attention this past couple of weeks after several rapid fire updates to his increasingly popular DPInstance Plug-in for LightWave came out at version 1.5.

New Videos now available!

We have been hard at work this week producing new videos for you and you can now start to enjoy some of them. First up is a new video in Adam Gibson’s series on zBrush. This one features zBrush 4.0 as Adam walks you through some of the new functionality in this release from Pixologic. In addition to this, Kelly Lee Myers (Kat) has completed and released Advanced Space Scene Creation Volume 3.  Check out the video of the render result here.

Advanced Space Scene Creation Volume 3

Let Kelly Lee Myers show you how to replicate a wildly popular effect from the Star Trek series – “warp speed” stars – in this exciting new product.


We’ve added a new fun section to our Store here at called UBERDEALS!

What are UBERDEALS? Well, in short its massive savings for you in some cases upwards of 50% off products from bundled in one awesome low priced collection.

Practical Production Techniques Vol. One

Kelly “Kat” Myers introduces real-world techniques and tools used in the Visual effects industry, and teaches you the must-have production skills you need for professional looking projects.

Welcome to the new site!

As you may have noticed we have been hard at work changing things around here at We are doing this in an effort to improve the functionality, look and ease of use of the site in general but also because its cool!

New Citizen and New Video!

Welcome to our latest citizen, JeffrySG, who brings with him years of industry experience, as well as an exciting new video training product for all the 3D modelers out there. Read the post to learn more…

3D Coat 3.5-Painting Color

Instructor Adam Gibson completes his training series for detailing up the Suchomimus Dinosaur with this latest video training product. This new training product shows how to paint color on the creature using 3D Coat, adding the final details for rendering in LightWave. Read the post to learn more…

Fanboy Series – Inspired by District 9

Yet another great product has been added to the growing library here on Liberty3D, with the first title of Kevman3D’s FanBoy series – creating a weapon inspired by the film District 9.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! 2011 starts off with some exciting new products and announcements here at Liberty3D. Read the post to learn more…