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Welcome to the new site!

As you may have noticed we have been hard at work changing things around here at We are doing this in an effort to improve the functionality, look and ease of use of the site in general but also because its cool! Special thanks goes out to Jim Talley, Kiko Sato and Kevin Phillips for making this possible over the last few weeks. Hats off to them! I personally want to thank each and everyone of our citizens and close friends for helping out. But more importantly hats off to you, our visitors and customers – indeed the back bone of what makes so successful and has allowed for us to grown in just 6 months into the premiere site for LightWave3D and 3DCoat training among other things. We have a lot of major awesomeness planned over the next couple of weeks and we encourage you to participate by joining us on the forums and signing up for our news letter. No matter how big we get, be assured that we will never loose site of what is important. You know as well as we do what that is. ‘Nough said. Welcome to 2011.

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