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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 22

Kat is back with another in the Practical Production Techniques series, this time with Volume 22!

In this installment in the incredibly popular series, Kat walks you through a complete VFX shot for “Curse of The Phantom Shadow” and continues off of the back of Project TowTruck (see Kat’s other titles for details). Everything from BG plate clean up and roto, animation, TurbulenceFD effect, to lighting, rendering, and to final comp working in LightWave3D 2020.0.3 and Fusion 18, this video has it all!

Kat runs through everything needed to work with the live-action stock footage plate and elements including the perspective match tool. Texture refinement to get clean fast renders and the many “gotchas” that can sneak up are met head-on and overcome.
At just over 305 Minutes (approx), this is a great video for anyone looking to spend an afternoon learning how to take a shot like this from end to end using your favorite tools!

Almost all of the needed content is included in this video including models, modified BG plate, the renders out of LightWave3D, scene files, and the composite flow from Fusion.As a result, this is a big download of 12, 460MB RAR files that decompress in a sequence (check our FAQ for instructions in the store section).

Get it now for just $23.95USD

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