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June, 2013


Free Video: Controlling One Item With Another in LightWave 3D

I had trouble trying to decide what to call this video. Basically, it shows a few ways to link a light’s intensity, a texture layer’s opacity and an object’s dissolve setting to the Y position of a null. This will be review for most veteran LightWave users, but these are important tools to learn for the newbies. I was sure I made a video covering this stuff before, but I didn’t see it when I went looking for it, so I made a new one.

Chain Move 2.0

My wonderfully awesome Technical Director on Iron Sky who is a fantastic LightWave3D plug-in ¬†developer, Luke Whitehorn has updated his Chain Move plug-in. I have personally tested this with Luke just this past week and it’s incredibly simple to use and because it’s an Instancing Plug-in as well as doing the motion stuff, there really is no limit to what you can do with it. Check out his demo video here on youtube. Pricing and availability will be announced shortly. We will keep you posted.  

Rebel Hill Nodal Fundamentals is Now Free

Rebel Hill decided to distribute the first part of his RHN tutorial for free. Now everyone can get in on the nodal learning goodness by checking out his YouTube channel. You can now watch the Nodal Fundamentals Videos on YouTube. These videos will still be available as quicktime movies when you buy the full RHN Full Package which includes RHN – Nodes & RHN – Projects, and is also included in quicktime version with individual purchases of either of these two chapters.

AMD Announces the first 5Ghz 8-Core Processor.

Can you imagine with one processor, having 40GHz of combined rendering power across 8 cores? Well, AMD has a processor in store for you. Let me put that into perspective for you – what does this mean? Having 40GHz of processor power on your desk, or in a node on farm?Let’s do a flash back to the king of flash backs… Battle Star Galactica. I’m tired of bringing up that show, but it makes a great case study. On Battle Star Galactica during Season II our machines for the renderRead More

Loading EXRs with Alpha in Photoshop

If you’ve been frustrated by the way Photoshop loads Alpha channels in .EXR files, there is a solution if you’re using CS5 or higher on the PC or a Mac with an Intel Processor.

Free Video: LightWave3D 11.5 – Bullet Deformer And Force Example

This is just a follow up to an earlier video I posted on my YouTube Channel that shows the Bullet Dynamics settings I used for the shot. I also discuss some of the things I’ve recently learned about LightWave’s Bullet Dynamics system. Watch on YouTube The full animation:

Nevada OKs TV/Film Production Tax Credit

As some of you may be aware, Tax Credits play a big part of where films and TV series get made. Vancouver was at one time the 3rd largest production center in the world after Los Angeles and New York. Over the years however it has lot this ranking to other centers like London, Toronoto and Montreal after extremely competitive tax credits and shifts in talent pools eroded its foothold on the industry. That combined with Vancouver’s snobby unions and elitist public with anti-American, anti-business attitudes, its homeless problem andRead More