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AE Link Lightwave After Effects Export

One click, pixel perfect, exports

Need to export Lightwave Cameras, Lights and Null objects to After Effects? AE Link is a plugin for Lightwave, running both on Mac and Windows, that allows just that. And more. An innovative workflow, lets you synchronize the data from Lightwave to After Effects without even having to import or export anything. There are only two buttons to click: Sync Scene and Sync Selected. Their names alone are enough to know how to use AE Link. AE Link: $125 USD

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast Workflow — As you change your Lightwave scenes, a single click is all you need to update the After Effects project. No baking whatsoever, except for Inverse Kinematics or some motion modifiers.
  • 100% Accurate Export — From Light Properties to weird camera moves, AE Link ensures a pixel perfect match. At the heart of AE Link a sophisticated quaternion-based coordinate system converter guarantees that everything will line up: always.
  • Simple to use — Gone are the days of copying, pasting or looking for files to import. One click, and everything is synchronized between Lightwave and After Effects. The configuration panel is set and forget.
  • Unique features — No software has the kind of integration AE Link offers. The custom objects allow you to create After Effects layers inside Lightwave. Create nulls, solids, or text. Add motion blur, change colors, modify the size of a solid. You can create entire After Effects projects from within Lightwave.

System Requirements, Licensing and Details

  • Macintosh: Lightwave 3D 9.6.1+, After Effects 7 Professional+. 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows: Lightwave 3D 9.6+, After Effects 7 Professional+. 32 and 64 bit
  • Licensing: AE Link uses Lightwave’s dongle ID for licensing. After purchase you will be able to enter your dongle ID at, and this will generate the license key. License agreement is here: AE Link Plugin License and this support article explains how to generate licenses.
  • Details: AE Link is only available as a digital download. First class tech support is included for free, handled by VFXWizard’s online Helpdesk. Minor version upgrades are always free.
Custom objects allows to create and edit After Effects layers inside Lightwave.
Liberty 3D is an authorized reseller for AE Link. After purchase you will receive login details for a special “Liberty3D” account at and will be able to download the plugin and generate your own license key tied to the dongle ID.

Official VFX Wizard Videos

Workflow Demo by D.W.Burman

20 Minutes