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Tom Roth

Legendary animator, Tom Roth, with over 40 years of experience in the animation industry guides you through the essential fundamental principles of Character Animation. Intended for Character animators of all levels the techniques discussed in this video are not just for 3D by are rooted and apply to any character animation type. With video and demonstration content, this tutorial is complete with hours of insight into techniques and principles taught to Walt Disney Feature Film Animators and put into practice We highly suggest you watch the videos in the following sequence: 01-TheBouncingBall.mp4 02-Flexibility.mp4 03-BodyMechanics_1.mp4 04-BodyMechanics_2.mp4 05-Beginning_Acting.mp4 06-Animating_A_Walk_Cycle.mp4 07-Animating_A_Run_Cycle.mp4 08-Animating_A_Skip.mp4 09-Animating_A_Strut.mp4 010-Animating_A_Jog.mp4 To follow along check out the various directories of content included in this package. Please see the “CosmoRigs” folder for more details. The thumbnails discussed in the video are provided in this package and can be found in the “Downloads” Directory. Feel free to print them out as a helpful guide while you work! Only $34.95USD [wp_eStore:product_id:281:end]