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October, 2015


Halloween Special!

Our 5th Annual Halloween sale is back! Many of you have been waiting to pick up some of our latest tools and tutorials and now is your chance to save 25% on Brand training and tools. Been holding off picking up UberCam 2.0, or Kat’s Fusion for LightWave Artists or perhaps want to snag a bunch of Adam Gibson’s or Ryan Roye’s Videos? How about Chilton Webb’s Unity training? Use the coupon code: SPOOKY when you check out your cart selections in our store.  Sale runs from October 17th (that’sRead More

Lightwave 2015- Volume #8- Particles & HyperVoxels II

In Particles and HyperVoxels II 3D Instuctor Adam Gibson demonstrates how to make your particles and hypervoxels interact with other objects and 3D Models in your scene. This can be useful for limitless amount of situations whether it be making dust, debris or liquids fall and bounce off the ground, a character, or any other 3d models in the scene or for making a 3d object realistically pass through smoke, steam, or fire.  The possibilities are limitless.  In the second part of the tutorial how to convert your 3D models/meshes into Particle Emitters is shown. ThisRead More

ZBrush Bootcamp- Volume #8- ZModeler Tools I- Learn to Make Low-Poly Models in ZBrush!!

In this eighth video volume of 12 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the beginner 3D student how to get up and started using the powerful new ZModeler Tools in ZBrush 4R7. Learn these amazing polygonal modeling tools that will have you creating Base Meshes quicker and faster than ever before all with ZBrush!! Some of the Topics Covered: 1) Initializing the ZModeler Brush, 2) Creating Geometry/Models from Scratch within ZBrush, 3) How to Import 3D Models created in other Software Packages, 4) Optimization and Gotchas for Importing Polygonal andRead More