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August, 2013


Liberty3d Labor Day Sale – Get 20% off Training and Plugins!

Well it’s the long weekend and we thought we would have a sale featuring 20% off on our training and plug-ins to go with your BBQ festivities. By using the coupon code L3DLABOR, you can get 20% off when you use the coupon at the checkout in our store. This sale will end September 6th, so get in on this deal now. Have a happy holiday weekend and enjoy! The Liberty3D Citizens.

Free Video: Glowy Blobby Wobbly Edges

The new edge controls added in LightWave 11.5 were a great addition, but there isn’t really a great way to make a line that doesn’t perfectly follow polygon edges. Imperfect edges would be nice to have for some NPR (non-photoreal rendering), or cartoon renders. I did a bit of experimenting to see what I could do within LightWave, primarily to show what I meant by the ability offset edges. I got a little bit carried away and went to a blobby, glowy place with it. 🙂 Here’s the original render:Read More

Kat’s Siggraph 2013 LightWave Group video is up!

Finally! Kat’s Siggraph 2013 appearance has made it to the interwebs. It was a bit of a wait but its finally up on The LightWave Group’s’s page. It’s short, only 1/2 hour long but interesting nevertheless. Check it out here.. Or just watch below. Here is a copy of HierCloneSelect for you. HierCloneL3D: DOWNLOAD

Intro to Unity3D for LightWave3D Users

Intro to Unity3D for LightWave3D walks you through the Unity3D game engine using terminology and concepts familiar to LightWave3D users. It has been updated for Unity 4.2 and LightWave 11.5.1. It shows you what Unity can do, what you can do, and how you do it. It also shows you where to find additional help, and includes lots of helpful info that will help you with your entire LightWave to Unity pipeline. So if you want to learn how to integrate LightWave3D with a game engine, here’s nearly 3 hoursRead More

Some neat tools from Iron Sky for you :)

Luke Whitehorn is a smart kat for sure. Some of the tools that we needed in production we had built by Luke who is a very talented TD and LightWave plug-in developer and he’s shared two of those tool today. Check em out. I will be doing a further explanation of what these things do and how we used them on Iron Sky in my upcoming video series on the VFX of the show. In the mean time check Luke’s tools here You should also look at ChainMove2.0 ifRead More

Lightwrapping in LightWave – compositing techniques

Lightwrapping is the process of wrapping the background plate around the edges of elements composited on top of it. The effect is to help the foreground elements better integrate with the amount of light from behind them, and is a common practise in compositing with green-screened actors or other VFX related elements. Liberty3D citizen, Kevin Phillips, has produced a great video that explains the process of creating a Lightwrap and applying it directly into your renders within LightWave, or rendering the effect out for compositing later with an editing package.Read More

Coming soon…Turbulence FD – Advanced Concepts and Projects

Now that things have calmed down a bit in terms of production and trade shows, Kat is prepping his latest video – Turbulence FD – Advanced Concepts and Projects. This video picks up where his “Introduction to TFD for LighWave” video left off and will be made available through our store hit at shortly. While still being recorded, this video discusses in depth the benefits of GPU (Cuda) and SSD accelerated work flows, Network Rendering considerations on the technical side. On the Artistic side, Kat has a lot inRead More