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Liberty3D QuadPanels 1.5 [jw]
Quadpanels is a fast scifi mesh detailer for LightWave Modeler, v9.0 and up. It’s an Lscript so it works on all platforms, all versions of LightWave including v10. Anything created with QuadPanels is free to use and distribute or sell without restriction, we only ask as a curtesy that you mention QuadPanels was used to create the product. The plugin was created as a solution to the problem of adding nurnies/greebles to a surface. Adding random ‘bits’ to a surface can result in unrealistic geometry including deep intersections where some geometry is hidden under others etc. Quadpanels uses an iterative subdivision scheme to add details without overlaps and can maintain proportions of the various detail elements. The evaluation version is limited:
  • working with 6000 poly meshes.
  • bugs you for a serial number often.
  • only works with single polygon selections ( as opposed to detailing any number of polygons at once ) .
  • only works with 2 custom nurnies.
Click here to view the demonstration video for the 1.5 upgrade
Click here to view the demonstration video for the 1.3 upgrade
Click here to view the version 1.2 demonstration video
Click here to view the original demonstration video
Price: $19.95
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Edgepack is no longer available through Liberty3D. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Edgepack toolset for LW 9.x

A selection of useful edge manipulation plugins for LightWave 9.x free to download and use. Include CopyEdges, DissolveLoop, EdgeBorder, EdgeLoop, Edges2Poly, Loop2Poly, OpenEdges, SplitRing, WeldEdges , WeldRing , Extend Edges, and EdgeWalk.
Email me here with any questions. Video explanation of the suite by William Vaughn