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January, 2016


A Practical Nebula

It’s no secret that we here at Liberty 3D like nebulae. Heck, we’ve produced products that show how to make them in LightWave 3D.  Of course, there are other ways of making a nebula besides using 3D software. Here’s a fun video (from the maker of the Doctor Puppet series on YouTube) showing how a rapidly expanding nebula can be made with stuff you could find in a kitchen plus a little compositing software love.   Nebula Related Products:    

UberCam 2.1 Update!

Hey there! Yup, we have just pushed out the update of UberCam (now version 2.1) to our UberCam customer list. If for some reason you haven’t received that email and need the download link, please contact us. kat (at) liberty3dDOTcom is the place to send your request. What’s new in this version? Oh lots of neat stuff which includes bug fixes, some stability issues resolved but what is most exciting in the enhancements that we have made to the Immersive VR Cameras that we introduced in 2.0 and 2.0.2. NowRead More

Lightwave 2015- Volume #9- UV Mapping

In this latest Lightwave 2015 Series tutorial 3D Instructor Adam Gibson will demonstrate how to quickly UV Map a Parasaurolophus Dinosaur model using the “ABF UV Unwrap” tool and the “PLG UV Tools” Plugin (Free Plugin).  Learn how to systematically break up your model for easy flattening of UV Islands.  Tips and Tricks are also shown on how to avoid typical problems and also how to deal with issues along the way. Table of Contents for Volume #9 Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- UV Workflow for Project Chapter 3- DividingRead More