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A Practical Nebula

It’s no secret that we here at Liberty 3D like nebulae. Heck, we’ve produced products that show how to make them in LightWave 3D.  Of course, there are other ways of making a nebula besides using 3D software. Here’s a fun video (from the maker of the Doctor Puppet series on YouTube) showing how a rapidly expanding nebula can be made with stuff you could find in a kitchen plus a little compositing software love.  

Nebula Related Products:

LightWave 2015- Volume #7- Particles & HyperVoxels I [AG]
LightWave 2015- Volume #7- Particles & HyperVoxels I [AG]
Learn How to Create Clouds and Outer Space Nebulas in Lightwave 2015. Spice up your sky environments and outer space scenes. In this Beginner Level Lightwave 2015 tutorial Adam Gibson demonstrates easy to follow steps for Cloud and Nebula creation in Layout. So if you are new to Particles and HyperVoxels this tutorial is a great place to start. Table of Contents for Volume #7: Chapter 1- Intro, Chapter 2- HyperVoxel Cloud Concepts, Chapter 3- HyperVoxel Cloud Initial Set-Up, Chapter 4- HyperVoxel Cloud (Stretch Direction Input Parameter), Chapter 5- HyperVoxel Cloud (Shading Using Procedural Textures), Chapter 6- Nebula Creation (Using a Multi-Colored Gradient), Chapter 7- Nebula Render and Tweaking, Chapter 8- Final. Running Time: 1 hrs. 34 mins., High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) , Video Format: MP4 (.mp4), Level: Beginner.
Price: $19.00
Advanced Space Scenes: Volume One (Fast Nebula Creation Techniques) [kat]
Advanced Space Scenes: Volume One (Fast Nebula Creation Techniques) [kat]
This new video is just the beginning of a series of videos that I am starting showing you how to create awesome looking space scenes. You get the assets used in this video (You get the scene files, additional scene examples and a rendered sequence of this shot in motion so you can see it working immediately) for you to experiment and follow along with. You learn simple but fast techniques on how to take advantage of hidden (aka secret) functions in LightWave 3D that used to be exclusive and well guarded secrets of the pros! Now this knowledge is yours! This is a rapid fire video and jams a huge amount of hands on project based practical use techniques that will help you to build a project like this right away. Take advantage of LightWave 3D’s awesome speed for rendering what you might have passed off as a useless function – fog! and turn it into a wicked looking Nebula in minutes, fully controllable and animated! Fly your ships through it with maximum creep factor as this video is inspired by effects scene in movies such as Event Horizon, StarTrek II and Serenity. But this is just the beginning! Many of our site visitors and customers have been requesting nebula space scene creation tips and tricks and this is just the tip of the iceberg! The fundamentals shown in this video set the stage for even more advanced techniques to be featured in videos in this series coming very soon from Liberty3d! This video is a great value, with a run time of over 1 hour and 15 minutes (approx). Buy it now, get it now via instant download!
Price: $17.99

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