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UberCam 2.1 Update!

Hey there! Yup, we have just pushed out the update of UberCam (now version 2.1) to our UberCam customer list. If for some reason you haven’t received that email and need the download link, please contact us. kat (at) liberty3dDOTcom is the place to send your request. What’s new in this version? Oh lots of neat stuff which includes bug fixes, some stability issues resolved but what is most exciting in the enhancements that we have made to the Immersive VR Cameras that we introduced in 2.0 and 2.0.2.stereoimmersivecamingui Now in UberCam 2.1 we have completely re-written the Immersive and Immersive Stereoscopic 360 degree cameras introducing a proprietary (not ripped off from some white paper somewhere) algorithm that produces better images out of the box. Not only will you enjoy “back seam” artifact free renders at practically any resolution in UberCam 2.1; pole distortion has been incredibly reduced ¬†while maximizing the stereoscopic effect. If you haven’t noticed in the image to your right, we have also introduced a convergence point control for the Immersive Stereoscopic Camera. This has been a hugely requested feature and we are happy to now make it available to you in this update. For those of you with a GearVR or Cardboard and want to check out a test, you can download the “Cafe” test image below and sideload it into your unit.CafeUC2.1_IPD0.07_CP_1.5m_2K_Test_R01   Check out the updated product page for further details.    

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