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Pixel Displays

In this tutorial for LightWave 3D, Dana W. Burman shows how to build and animate “pixel displays” using Denis Pontonnier’s DP_Filter and DP_Kit plugins.
He starts with explaining concepts relevant to these projects, shows how to set up the surface of instanced blocks using DP_Filter’s Replace Spot to color their surface, and follows it up with expanding on the technique to specific use scenarios including LCD pixel with separate red green and blue channels, LED displays, to using the technique on parts (connected polygons) and instances attached to moving particles, and he shows how this technique can be used in projects other than “displays”. He ends with an overview on setting up each display so it can be moved around in your scene as well as a few different ways to parent objects in Layout.

The tutorial includes scene and object files (including render and illustration scenes) that you can refer to or use as a starting point. There are untextured versions of the LCD, LED, and block textures. The surface nodes on the textured objects have been annotated to explain what each node is doing.

Also included are .node files that you can import into your surface.



This tutorial makes heavy use of instancing and therefore would be best used with LW 11 and up.


Pixel Displays Release Notes

01 Intro And Pixels.mp4 ( 1:33)
02 Object vs World Coordinates.mp4 ( 5:54)
03 Spot and the Replace Spot Node.mp4 ( 8:20)
04 Block Display – Instances.mp4 (12:55)
05 Texturing3colorLEDPixel.mp4 (10:03)
06 LCD_Pixel_Screen_Part1.mp4 (15:09)
07 LCD_Pixel_ScreenPart2_Eliminating the ScreenDoorEffect.mp4 ( 7:54)
08 TexturingLED_RED.mp4 (15:49)
09 LED_ScrollerDisplay.mp4 (14:47)
10 Block Display – Parts.mp4 (10:02)
11 Particle Scatter Display-SetUpInstances.mp4 (15:08)
12 Particle Scatter Display-Texturing.mp4 (11:02)
13 DEMO_8x8_LED.mp4 (15:09)
14 DEMO_IlluminatingPeople.mp4 (11:40)
15 Making the Displays Moveable.mp4 (11:41)

Video Run time is approximately  2hr 47 min.  Resolution: 1280 x 720 – Format: .mp4 H.264  – Size: 720MB across two .zip files

$19.00 – Instant Download

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