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Kat’s EmberGen Presets Vol. 1 – Ground Explosions

JangaFX EmberGen is a real-time computational fluid Dynamics simulation solution for smoke and fire. Similar in purpose to Jawset’s TurbulenceFD which Kat has been using for over a decade now and produced several video and preset scene packs for, the biggest advantage that EmberGen has is its immediacy. What you see is what you get, in real-time instead of simming for minutes or sometimes hours with TurbulenceFD and then having to try and shade things and then render it. EmberGen is a massive leap forward and Kat has been working on these presets for you with plans for full tutorials and workflows to come shortly after. For now though, here we present Kat’s first collection of presets for EmberGen, Ground Explosions! 50 EmberGen 1.0 Presets are included in this pack and range from Javelin Strikes to Carbombs and IED detonation and more. A random sample of 17 blasts out of the 50 total in the pack is visible below. To see them in motion is a thing of beauty and in real-time as well (more or less on a GTX-1080Ti Graphics card). Each explosion in the series was meticulously tweaked for visual and technical efficiency from JangaFX demo content so as to be easy to navigate and understand if you have already been playing around with those. These are not simply “roll of the magic dice” presets. They are evolved into completely custom, per preset, explosions ready for you to use in most cases out of the box rendering directly out of Embergen or to OpenVDB for use in LightWave 2018+ and LightWave’s VDB Volumetric Technology.   In some cases, the simulation size may need to be expanded in order for the full effect to be encapsulated in its “container”. Due to the limitations of the GTX-1080Ti that these were created with, setting modifications to best match your card’s capabilities will vary. Take these presets apart and adapt them to your own needs. Kat will have a workflow video shortly explaining various ins and outs on how to make use of these with LightWave and in comp programs such as Fusion. Keep your eyes out for that. In the meantime, grab this volume for just $24.95USD

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