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Kat’s Snow Pack for LightWave3D 2015.3

Here is a great little pack of 14 snow setups for use in your scenes with LightWave3D 2015.x (or above)

Taken from several different feature films and TV shows Kat has done over the years, these are pretty much drop-in and go with minimal adjustment required. They are optimized to render fast, featuring 12 different unique snow flakes, making use of PFX and Instancing. Do everything from a Charlie Brown or South Park snow-like effect to full-on Blizzard scenes with these!

This pack contains 14 scenes of various snow like conditions, using particles and instances to create the effect of falling or drifting snow.
12 different flakes were created as LWO files using simple texture settings for fast rendering in almost all situations. Simply load a scene and hit play!

For use in a shot where you want to render over a network, don’t forget to save out your PFX file from the Particle Effects tab in the normal way. Sizes and weight (amount) of the particle across all 12 flakes can be controlled in the instancing tab for the snow emitter.
These scenes are basic but will give you a great starting point for more advanced effects and I’ve provided as many of the different types of snow
effects that I have done over the years using this method. The snowflakes are based on real flake types. If you want to change them up with your own,
you can. Just remember to make sure MIP mapping on your images in the image editor is turned OFF, or you may not get the desired results. Clipmaps and MIP mapping don’t mix.

Get it now for just $13.99USD


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