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April, 2014


Pixel Displays tutorial for LightWave 11 by dwburman

Dwburman’s latest tutorial is a riff on his previous mechanical displays tutorials (and probably the last in the set), only this time it’s all about the surface settings. He still wants to a nice promo video mentioning things like “over 2.5 hours of video training!” and “object and scene files included!” while showing the final renders and time lapsed excerpts from the lessons with text explaining what is taught in that lesson. He hopes to get around to doing that soon, but in the meantime we hope the intro lessonRead More

TFD for LightWave3D Advanced Concepts and Projects – Nuclear Weapons Pack

Kelly “Kat” Myers continues his series Advanced Concepts and Projects for Turbulence FD by with the Nuclear Weapons Pack. In this video and download package, Kat has created dozens (Over 50) Nuclear Weapons Style explosions and ground blast wave scenes. Named after early Atomic and Nuclear Blasts from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Operations Buster-Jangle and Plumbbob, it contains all of the elements you need to create your own explosions for MOAB to multi-megaton detonations. Many of them set up and render ready. Just sim and go.* With a runRead More

How to reverse particles in Lightwave

Liberty3d citizen D.W Burman gives us a quick tip on how to reverse the animation of particles. Check out his other video tutorials

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Common Scenarios for Character Animators

Common Scenarios for Character Animators is a quality training series by Ryan Roye that focuses on interactions between 3d characters and their environments in Lightwave and provides insight into practical and rapid workflows revolving around the subject. The video explains: VIDEO DETAILS The download includes: 50 minutes of video content (1600×872, with optional subtitles) 13 props 12 sample scenes 1 character with 2 rigs (though you may use your own rigs/characters for the content if you like) Buyer’s tip: You can get this product for FREE when you purchase theRead More

Free IKBooster rig

Ryan has provided a free IKBooster rig of a Liberty3D dude that comes bundled with a sample animation and relative motion files. Model was generated from MakeHuman. Download it here!

HurleyWorks – Advanced Placement

It must be awesome stuff for LightWave3D week or something. Here is tool that has been in the works for a while. Created by CG graphics wizard Steve Hurley; known as being one of the “Two Steves” (The other being Steve Worely) of amazing LightWave tools lore. Advanced Placement for LightWave makes use of a Newton Physics engine implementation, instancing, a complete undo/redo system and more. What it means essentially is the plugin lets you go nuts with creating scenes, set dressing them to your hearts content in a process that normallyRead More