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TFD for LightWave3D Advanced Concepts and Projects – Nuclear Weapons Pack

Kelly “Kat” Myers continues his series Advanced Concepts and Projects for Turbulence FD by with the Nuclear Weapons Pack. In this video and download package, Kat has created dozens (Over 50) Nuclear Weapons Style explosions and ground blast wave scenes. Named after early Atomic and Nuclear Blasts from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Operations Buster-Jangle and Plumbbob, it contains all of the elements you need to create your own explosions for MOAB to multi-megaton detonations. Many of them set up and render ready. Just sim and go.*


With a run time of 125 minutes this video also includes Quicktime and EXR Renders (optional download) of many of the detonations featured in the package so you can see what they look like without having to render them out yourself first. In addition, bonus content has been provided that can be used in conjunction with the other material in this video giving you the greatest options possible for custom tailoring explosions to your needs. Want to blow up a car or an aircraft carrier or an oil refinery? Samples included in the bonus package give you these styles of explosions.


Each of the Advanced Concepts and Projects videos in this series are designed to get you the information and scene examples you need to quickly produce an effect covered in a project. Pick and choose which ones you need when you need them mixing and matching to create unlimited variations on your own. This package is over 5.6GB to download in full. The main tutorial video content is approximately 500 MB and the rest is optional for download. Just $39.95USD
*Some container adjustments and other settings for volume render quality may be required.

Check out a sampling of the explosions included in this package below.

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