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September, 2013


A very handy Lscript – Modeler_PointNormalToSkelegon

Stephen Culley is no stranger to the LightWave3D community. With dozens of Lscripts on his site he continues to release some really cool gems. Here is one that caught my attention as I’m doing a lot of research for facial animation with bones at the moment.

Mechanical Displays 2: DP Kit Part Move

Dana W. Burman shows how a simple node set up with DP Kit’s Part Move (Denis Pontonnier’s awesome plugin) can be used to make some rather cool and impressive moving pictures by using image sequences to drive the animation of parts. [button link=””]More Info on Mechanical Displays 2[/button]  

TFD Advanced Projects and Concepts – FireBall

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back with the first in the Advanced Concepts and Projects Series for Turbulence FD by In this video, Kat shows you step-by-step the process in creating a fire ball effect similar to a ground burst or that of a gas bomb explosion. Popular on set for Special Effects, but now you can create this effect in your computer with LightWave3D and Turbulence FD for LightWave. This is an extension of the concepts shown in the Introduction to Turbulence FD for LightWave3D video available here fromRead More