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Artist Bios

Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson is a 3D artist from Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.  He’s been doing freelance work using Lightwave 3D and various other 3D/2D applications since the early Commodore Amiga/Video-Toaster days. He enjoys doing creature and sci-fi style modeling/texturing projects and has a passion for digital compositing using blue/green screens.

Adam is also a 3 x time published book author and has earned a Masters Degree in Taekwondo under the legendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace-Undefeated World Kickboxing Champion.

Kelly “Kat” Myers

Kelly Lee Myers, or “Kat” as some call him, has been working with LightWave and Fusion for almost 2 decades but is young for that amount experience at the age of 34. As the VFX Consultant for Battlestar Galactica, he has won both a Peabody and an Emmy Certificate (Honors) award during seasons II and III. Beyond BSG, Kat has worked on SG:1, SG: Atlantis, Elektra, Cargo (swiss produced sci-fi feature film) and many other shows over the years on set doing Motion Control Camera work and real-time compositing and has also worked in games and multi-media. He continues today to produce VFX work in artist and supervisory roles for productions around the world and also somehow fits in the time to write TV/Film Scripts for something to do when he can’t sleep.

Outside of VFX, Kat’s other persona, DJ Lithium relates to his other favorite profession, which is of course the art of vinyl record Deejaying. Considered by many to be one of the top Trance DJs in North America, he ownes and operates Canada’s Largest Vinyl record releasing trance labels, Black Tiger Recordings and his mixes can be heard via iTunes. As a producer of over 14 12″ singles and dozens of incredibly popular DJ mixes, radio has has been on the air for over decade with fans in every corner of the globe.

Kelly/Kat/Lithium also enjoys BMX street riding and annoying authority figures in all shapes and sizes.

L. J. Bamforth

L. J. Bamforth is an extremely accomplished self taught 2D / 3D artist from the UK.  He is proficient in not only Maya, Softimage, ZBrush, 3D Coat and Modo but is also a programmer and web designer to boot!  His work has been seen in CG Society, ZBrush Central, 3D Coat’s forums as well as being published in Exotique 3 by Ballistic Media.

Larry Shultz

Larry Shultz has been involved with computer graphics since the mid-1980s. He began using LightWave 3D in its early days for TV commercials and other projects at a CGI company he co-founded during the early 90s called The Animation Factory in Albuquerque.

Since those days Larry has worked for such companies as American Laser Games, Sony Development, Discovery Channel, Netter Digital, Foundation Imaging, Amalgamated Pixels, and Squarehouse Entertainment, as well as working on a freelance basis for many other companies. Larry is very experienced in almost every aspect of LightWave, working as lead artist, technical director, and in many other positions on a variety of projects.

Larry is also heavily involved with LightWave training. He has taught seminars all over the United States and several schools including Newtek Inc., Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute, Video Symphony, Foundation Institute, and 3D Exchange. Larry is known the world over for his training and vast knowledge of LightWave 3D. Since then Larry has contributed to the LightWave 3D [8] content CD and is a published artists on the LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 Tips and Tricks book by Wordware Publishing.

Kevin Phillips

Kevin lives and works from the sunny shores New Zealand, a country well known for its hobbits, orcs, and close resemblance to Middle-earth. His work week is currently split between doing CGI with LightWave at Flux Animation Studios ( and teaching LightWave at Natcoll Design Technology ( Kevin has freelanced for several years, having experience in many areas of LightWave from plug-in development to character animation and modeling, has lectured on 3D, and has written, developed, and run 3D short-courses for the Auckland University of Technology. Having founded the New Zealand LightWave Users Group, Kiwavers (pronounced kee-wavers) back in 1998, Kevin has always been a strong supporter and promoter of LightWave as a key tool for producing outstanding 3D art and animation. Every month he endeavors to share some of his extensive knowledge and experience with his fellow LightWave users.

James Willmott

James has been a dedicated LightWave user since the days of the Amiga and Babylon 5. He moved from New Zealand to Australia in 1997, and began working in house for an architectural firm, blending his construction knowledge with a passion for 3D to produce visualizations in house. Then, in 2002 he left to start his own independent archvis production company. Since then he has worked in conjunction with many of Australia’s other archvis companies and project developers, and spends far too much time online sharing his experiences and knowledge with other LightWave users.

More citizen updates are coming! Stay tuned!