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March, 2012


LWCAD 4.1 Released

Everyone knows how powerful LightWave is, but match that power with LWCAD and you get an incredibly awesome amount of tools for hardsurface modeling geared towards set design for games, movies, TV, architectural projects, you name it. Now that combination is even more powerful with LWCAD 4.1 which has just been released today. Here is a quick video that Viktor put together for LWCAD 4.1. For more details on pricing and a complete list of enhancements visit

KurtSmith3D’s Expressions Tutorial on YouTube

Kurt Smith posted a video on YouTube that shows how to use a null and some simple expressions to control a morph.

Mercenary Ship Rig Test – Updated: Light Rig Test Too

This is a quick render test of a ship [digitawn] created in LightWave 3d 11 to see if there were any hicups with the rig with over 300 moving parts.

Node Based Surfacing Video

In this 3 1/2hr introductory video to Node Based surfacing by James Willmott, you will learn most of the basic functions of the node editor, and how to think ‘nodally’ for power and flexibility.

Mega-Uber Deal!!

You can’t beat this deal!

RUIN – Animated Short

Wes Ball recently released his action adventure animated short, RUIN. This very impressive short was animated in LightWave and Modeled and Rendered in Modo.

Item Picker

Item-Picker-Pro A nice little picker script like the ones in Maya. Draw out hit boxes on an image of your character to pick the rig items you’ve assigned to each box.

IpiSoft Announces DMC 2.0

IpiSoft has announce that it will release its latest version of their Desktop Motion Capture software that has taken the industry by storm, sometime this April. With added support coming for dual character capture, props tracking, hands and head tracking, female tracking and over all work flow improvements, this should really turn things upside down. More details and pricing information can be found here. But there will be a price increase for the full studio version in April so if you have been thinking about getting it, do it nowRead More

NewTek Europe Interviews VFX artists behind Iron Sky

Interviews of the VFX artists from Energia and Iron Sky in general are going to start popping up a lot over the next couple of weeks. Here is one of the first ones that you can read in English. It’s only a couple of pages but it will help to give you some insight into the process with regards to Iron Sky’s visual FX and how LightWave played THE central role in bringing it to life.    

TurbulanceFD v1.0 Released

Jawset TurbulanceFD Promo Image

TurbulanceFD, the fire and smoke voxel plugin which has been used in productions such as Terra Nova & Iron Sky, has finally moved from beta to an official v1.0 release.

VoluMedic Creative Edition

If you’re one of those people who were impressed by the volumetric editing and rendering capabilities of VoluMedic, but couldn’t afford the $1,000+ price tag, you’ll be happy to hear that VoluMedic CE has most of that power at price point that’s less than the cost of a LightWave upgrade.

LightWave 11 HardCore Member Discount Expiration Date

In case you haven’t heard, If you are one of the people who bought into the Hard Core program (either from the start or when you purchased LW10), you have until April 23rd to upgrade to LightWave 11 at the discounted rate. If you do not upgrade before April 23rd, you will lose your locked-in-for-the-next-5-versions upgrade price. When Newtek announced LightWave 11 last November, they also announced that the discounted upgrade price for HC members would expire 60 days after the release of LightWave 11. LightWave 11 was officially announcedRead More

Mechanical Displays in LightWave 11

In this budget training video, D.W.Burman shows how to make a mechanical display in LightWave 11 showing modeling, using instances and texturing.

Understanding Gradients in LightWave

Unlock the power of LightWave’s gradient system by discovering all of the gradient types found throughout LightWave!