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Mercenary Ship Rig Test – Updated: Light Rig Test Too

Here’s a pretty cool space ship rig test on YouTube.
Uploaded by digitawn on Mar 22, 2012 This is a quick render test of a ship i created in lightwave 3d 11, it was just to see if there were any hicups with the rig as there are over 300 moving parts, i have only animated the larger parts for this test and only spent 5 mins or so setting up the scene so no fancy camera moves or high quality light setup, some of the light rig is there though.
Russel also posted a test render of the lighting for the ship:

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3 Comments to Mercenary Ship Rig Test – Updated: Light Rig Test Too

  1. Greg Charest says:

    Russel does some really nice work.
    This is just another example of it 🙂

  2. Peter PAterson says:

    Excellent model and rigging of it. We really need a tutorial that covers mechanical rigging.

  3. jeric says:

    Very nifty. Love the design, and the textures.

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