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Node Based Surfacing Video

DO NOT buy this if you already have the Kurv Studios Node Surfacing DVD.

In this 3 1/2hr introductory video to Node Based surfacing by James Willmott, you will learn most of the basic functions of the node editor, and how to think ‘nodally’ so you can recreate layer based setups using nodes quickly and efficiently, as well as flexible node setups from scratch,

Nodal based surfacing is quite a paradigm shift from layer based but offers infinite flexibility, and although not as fast as Layers for simple setups it has almost no limits in what can be achieved.

This video was recorded on LightWave 9. LightWave 10-11 has a number of changes to the node editor including new nodes and workflows, but all the concepts shown here are applicable to any nodal version of LightWave.

Please note! You should use an archiver like 7-zip, winrar etc. or HJSplit to recombine the files, your OS zip handling might not manage it.

Just $10US !!!

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8 Comments to Node Based Surfacing Video

  1. djwaterman says:

    Just purchased it but didn’t get directed to any download link. How do I get the video I just paid for?

  2. kat says:

    Hi Des.
    Just send you the download details again. I think they got choked in email filters.


  3. djwaterman says:

    Actually I found them in my spam.

  4. John Jordan says:

    Purchased and got receipt but no download link.


  5. James Willmott says:

    Hey John, did you check your spam filter? We’ll send the details again.

  6. Gary Bryant says:

    Just found out that my part 2 of the download is corrupt, so was hoping to be sent a re-link to that rar file again? I purchased the tuts on 25 Aug 2012.

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