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Charlot Cobben

Charlot Cobben started his professional creative career when working for Advanced Gravis as Marketing Manager for Europe. Personally he was a vivid C64 programmer and later on started working with Real3D on the Amiga, followed by Lightwave. By the time Advanced Gravis was bought by ACCO Brands he was able to combine his marketing skills with his creative skills and started his own company. Charlot runs his designcompany for well over 19 years now. From marketing products and companies to designing and programming websites to full 3D projects for print and presentations. Besides Lightwave, Charlot has a broad knowledge of the Adobe range of products(Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects), Sony Vegas Pro as well as Delphi, PHP, MySQL and other products. He has gotten some marketing awards for creative advertising and just recently won the XOOPS CMS innovation award for a developed module. Charlot currently resides in Oosterhout, The Netherlands together with his wife and two children.
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