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February, 2018


AR Showcase Factory

As of Sunday, April 8, this product is not eligible for a free upgrade to AR Portfolio. However, it is included as part of the downloads of AR Portfolio. Augmented Reality Showcase Factory for Android, using LightWave 2018, Unity3D, and ARCore. When Google released ARCore, their goal was to create over 100 million new augmented reality users. ARCore is based on three years of augmented reality research as part of Google Tango. With the AR Showcase Factory you can leverage Google’s technology to create a unique augmented reality experience for yourRead More

New!! Lightwave 2018- Volume #1- Getting Started I

LightWave3D 2018 – Volume #1: Getting Started In this first volume of 12 volumes, 3D Instructor Adam Gibson will not only show you how to get up and started using LightWave3D 2018 but will also introduce you to some of the new powerful features. A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users. Some of the topics covered include User Interface Basics, Viewports, the Image Editor, Importing Models, Item Animation Tools, PBR (Spec/Gloss & Metallic) Node Basics, VDB Import, Volumetric Primitives, Shape Primitives, Buffer Drop Down List, Surface Noise Removal, CreatingRead More

Syflex updated for use with LightWave 2018!

Some of you may have missed this as no formal email communication from the developer was made, however a couple of days ago a new version of Syflex was released for Syflex/LW users, to make use of in LW 2018.  This update was rather unexpected, but certainly welcomed and it’s actually kind of a big deal as it does some new “tricks” rather than just simply “work” with LW 2018. Here is some work done with Syflex in LW that you may recognize if you need a reminder as to what thisRead More

The Lightwave Users Group Meeting

The Lightwave Users Group Meeting Come join us on twitch this morning for today’s LightWave3D users group meeting hosted by Citizen, Stephen Burns. The meeting starts at 10AM PST so make sure to get your tickets now.