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The Realflow Quick Start Guide

The RealFlow Quick Start Guide by Ryan Roye PLEASE NOTE: The plugins that integrate Realflow and Lightwave no longer function in LW 2018, you will need to find an indirect way to import particles and meshes into LW 2018 scenes! This very concise, carefully designed course will get you up to speed using Realflow by identifying all of the critical elements necessary to produce usable fluid simulations. Lightwave connectivity plugin usage is also covered. VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________
  • Video Runtime: 43 minutes
  • Video Resolution: 1600×872
_____________________________ CONTENT COVERED IN VIDEOS _____________________________ ——— CHAPTER 1: Introduction (Runtime 9:44) ——— Here, I outline the user interface and demonstrate usage of particles, nodes, the relationship editor, and other elements that all RealFlow scenes will contain. ——— CHAPTER 2: Export Workflow (Runtime 3:29) ——— Demonstrates usage of export central and how to translate particles into a liquid geometry mesh sequence. ——— CHAPTER 3: Maxwell Renderer (Runtime 2:47) ——— The ability to preview your fluids with quality surfaces on them can be important, thus the Maxwell Preview renderer is briefly covered. ——— CHAPTER 4: Hybrido (Runtime 14:18) ——— For many, this is the meat of the tutorial content. I break down how to set up a Hybrido scene and explain the purpose of every element involved. I also point out a few common issues you will run into and how to resolve them quickly. ——— CHAPTER 4a: The Command Line (Runtime 1:15) ——— As mind-numbingly boring as white text on black background is, this is the key to speeding up your simulations in dense scenes. ——— CHAPTER 5: Caronte and RealWave (Runtime 4:17) ——— Realflow includes hard/soft body dynamics along with a poly-planar-based water surface, so I go over the bare minimum steps needed to employ them in your scenes. ——— CHAPTER 6: Lightwave Connectivity Plugins for RealFlow (Runtime 7:08) ——— The connectivity plugins can be very intimidating, which is why time is taken to demonstrate the intended methods that bridge data almost seamlessly between Lightwave and RealFlow. _____________________________ INCLUDED SAMPLE CONTENT _____________________________ 1 Lightwave and 3 Realflow scenes are included: – Hybrido with Character – Realwave and Caronte – Lightwave and RealFlow connectivity example PURCHASE LINKS: As always, if you have any questions about the content before or after purchase, e-mail me at The RealFlow Quick Start Guide
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