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December, 2011


Print Production Techniques Vol. 1

We have just added a new LightWave videotraining to our Library “Print Production Techniques vol. 1“. In this video you are guided in the process of creating a 3D image and making it ready for the printers. It is complete project based and shows LightWave modeler and layout as well as Photoshop and InDesign. Also covering a way of creating consistent design looks. Click here for more details.

Iron Sky – Mission Complete

After 7+ months of working on Iron Sky in Finland at Energia Productions, I’m finally back in Vancouver. With this said special awesome thanks to Samuli and his team at Energia and to Tuomas Kankola, Lee Stringer, Luke Whitehorn and the rest for making the experience great. With just a few small things to tidy up, our job is done and come April 4th, 2012 you will see the fruits of our labor and hard work on the big screen (which is really kind of cool). Another special thanks goesRead More

Iron Sky – Day 211

Tuomas has left the building and after a brisk walk down to the train station with him, he’s off to Helsinki and now done with Iron Sky. One of his last shots seems to have problems rendering on the farm but this really isn’t too much of a surprise at the movement. The network in the energia office has been on the fritz for the past 3 days. So that one will render locally which is fine, its pretty quick to cook off a frame and there are not thatRead More

Here’s your chance to win a copy of the brand new LWCAD 4

Liberty3D and The Benelux Lightwave Resource in association with WToold3D have setup a contest for you to win a copy of the brand new LWCAD 4.0!

Lightwave 10.1 – Rigging a Human: Project Biped

In this 14 hour video training course for beginner LightWave3D students, Instructor Adam Gibson shows the essential basics to rig humanoid characters for posing and animation. Detailed demonstration of how to build/edit a complete skeletal structure with skelegons/bones, weight-mapping, bone parenting, model modification/adjustments, test deformations, adding powerful hand and foot control nulls, IK (Inverse Kinematics) Set-up and problem solving are all included within this course. A great training guide for beginner 3D students to get started rigging their 3D models for animation purposes. Make your 3D models and characters comeRead More

Iron Sky – Day 206

Luke has escaped from the clutches of this production and gone home to England today. Lucky bastard, except for the England part. 😛 The rest of us are here doing the last of the last bits. It’s all just pretty much render power vs. man power at this point. That and smart approaches to what seemed like nearly impossible problems. Tuomas has come up with an awesome solution to one of our shots that was originally to be simulated in Maya, but got dumped on us and you know what?Read More

LightWave Plugin of the Week: Align to Point

This week’s plugin is Align to Point by Matt Gorner. Align to Point moves selected geometry to the last selected point with a few options.

Thanks go to Liberty3d forum member, TheMyth212, for pointing out this little gem of a script.