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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Store on Question 1. “Why are some buttons on your store ‘Buy Now’ and others are ‘Add to Cart’? What’s that all about?” Answer 1. The answer to this is simple. Our philosophy at with any of the training or products that are being sold by a citizen through the site is to have as much of the sale or even 100% of it go to them. Currently the best way to ensure this is to use the “Buy Now” button which sends the ALL of the money from the sale directly to the artist that produced the video or the tool you are buying through Over the years we have phased out the “Buy Now” function but they may still be present as buttons. This unfortunately means that you will not be able to add more items to your purchase and you will have to make your purchases one at a time as you will not be able to mix “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” items and even “Buy Now” will have to be done one at a time. We are working towards enhancing the system and then remove this limitation while still ensuring that the most amount of money from the purchase goes to the artist or tool developer if not all of it, immediately after the transaction is complete. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and hope you understand our reasons for why the system is like this. Question 2. “Is it safe to buy from your site?” Answer 2. Absolutely! Our cart system is built off of a very popular WordPress e-commerce solution which is tried, tested and used all over the world, and our transaction system works with The most popular way to do business online for e-Commerce. Question 3. “If I have  a problem with my purchase what do I do?” Answer 3. If you do have any problems with your purchase, such as not receiving a link to your download – but get an email from us showing you have made the purchase – contact us immediately using the email address that sent you the receipt. Typically there is a small delay for the emails to arrive to you, so be a little patient, but if it’s over an hour – contact the artist. If you don’t get anything at all, contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Question 4. I want to become a Citizen of and sell my training videos or my plug-ins through your site. How do I go about doing that? Answer 4. If you wish to be a Citizen because you have a product, be it tools or videos to sell and require a platform to do so, you have come to the right place. Please contact Kelly (Kat) Myers via email at for further information. It certainly helps if you know us in some way. But even if you don’t know us directly that’s fine too! If you are a friendly human and like minded with respect to entrepreneurship, freedom, technology innovation or educational excellence in the areas of VFX, 3D animation, Modeling, compositing etc., then we want to hear from you. Question 5. How do I uncompress a multi-part .rar file? Answer 5. You can use a utility such as WinRAR on windows or RAR Expander on the Mac to expand/uncompress the files. These aren’t the only programs that can expand .rar files. has no affiliation with either of these products. You only need to point the computer to the file with the first part. The other parts will automatically be uncompressed. More FAQ stuff coming soon. If we haven’t answered your questions here, please try our forums. Question 6. Do you offer refunds if I’m unhappy with my purchase? Answer 6. Due to the digital nature of our products, all sales are final. They can’t be returned and therefore cannot be refunded for any reason. We have had customers who have in the past purchased a video and then mistakenly bought the same video again later on not realizing they already had it. In this case we can provide store credit for another product of equal value at the time of sale. We can do this because we can verify the double purchase of a video or tool easily through our system even if the original purchase was made years ago. If you have problems with your purchase and need help we are more than happy to assist but please understand that we cannot issue refunds for any reason whatsoever beyond that mentioned above. Please be careful when selecting your purchases. PLEASE NOTE: We will provide software licenses ONLY for valid registered copies of LightWave3D. This means we will NEVER cut you a key for any of our products nor refund you any amount of any purchase made with any of our products (including tutorials, packs etc) at the same time as a tool that requires a LightWAve3D Product Lock ID check that come back as invalid. Do not pirate copies of LightWave3D! Question 7. Where are you located? Can I come visit and buy stuff from you direct? Answer 7. That could be a bit tricky! We are located all over the place! Our citizens are located around the world and since we regularly get called to work on productions on site, was set up so as to be decentralized in terms of providing products working exclusively over the net from creation to customer delivery.  This was the best way to ensure artists and coders anywhere could join us and customers anywhere in the world could access our products immediately. That’s why all of our products are digital and we don’t ship them out on physical media and never have. The boxes you may see in some of our product pages are just there for graphical eye candy. Many of those products are old and are a throw back to when we first started before we realized some customers may get confused. We didn’t intend any confusion at all, it just seemed to us at the time as being “clean and looking pro”. In the end, it was more trouble than it was worth so we stopped doing it. As for our mailing address here it is. 149 Cedar Springs Gardens SW Calgary, Alberta T2W-5J9 Canada