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Phil Nolan

Phil Nolan has been working professionally in 3D for over 15 years. With interests in Japanese language and culture, he has developed a unique work ethic and way of looking at each project. Aside from 3D he also enjoys making videos for YouTube. You can also find Phil on here.

House Modeling With LightWave & LWCad [PN]
Phil Nolan goes into detail building a house model from scratch using LightWave 3D 2018 and LWCad 5.2. This tutorial assumes you know the basics of LightWave 3D and will go further, getting you into using CAD based tools inside LightWave. You'll start with included background images to work from and build the house level by level including the interior walls, stairs, windows and doors, a deck, and even a roof with modeled shingles! LWCad has a ton of features and this will get you started working with them quickly.
Price: $74.95
Price: $54.95
Adobe Fuse for LightWave Artists [PN]
Phil Nolan walks you through the finer points of creating a character in Adobe Fuse and how to export and make them work in LightWave3D (2015.3 and prior). This is a great tutorial for artists who want to dabble in Character Animation without having to drown themselves in the process with creating custom rigs or sets ups. Adobe Fuse does it for you while working with Miximo for adding animations to the characters you create! This is complete tutorial providing end to end project details so you are up and running fast!
Price: $29.95
Price: $21.95