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Space Toon: Volume One

Space Toon Volume One takes you through the whole process of making a retro cartoon style space scene from making the space backdrop in Textured Environment through making a planet, learning about LightWave edge options and LightWave 11.5’s new edge nodes, modeling a wrecked space ship (starting with a simple cylinder, cutting away parts and then using the new Thicken tool to finish it off), modeling a small fighter craft for use in cel shading, adding edges and surfacing (ink and paint) to your models, combining everything together using Load From Scene, and finally animating the camera and two fighters for our final shot. If you don’t have LightWave 11, you can follow along with most of this tutorial, you just won’t be able to edit the edges and you will have to work a little harder in the modeling. Please note that this tutorial does not go in depth into cel shading.

Project assets and scene files are included for you to examine and play with. Also included is a .pdf with notes about the tutorial including a list of keyboard shortcuts used throughout the videos.

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of the Lightwave interface, but if beginners watch carefully enough (and pause and rewind when necessary) they should be able to follow along.

Video Run time is approximately 4hr 30 min.
Space Toon: Volume One Instant Download

Space Toon: Volume One [dwb]

Space Toon: Volume One is a project-based tutorial that takes you from scratch to a retro-cartoon inspired shot using LightWave 11.5. This covers creating the environment, modeling the planet, wreckage and space fighters. Particular attention is given to the Node Editor for object edges - a new feature in LightWave 11.5.

Video run time is approximately 4hr 30 min

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  • 00 Intro ( :50) (Shown at top of this page.)
  • 01 General Preferences ( 1:23)
  • 02 Making Space ( 7:55)
  • 03 The Star Sphere Too  ( 6:03)
  • 04 Making A Planet in Layout (10:54)
  • 05 Introduction to Edges (12:08)
  • 06 The Node Editor for Edges (10:40)
  • 07 Adding Edges to the Plane (13:29)
  • 08 Modeling the Wreckage Part 1 Hull ( 8:50)
  • 09 Modeling the Wreckage Part 2 Decks (11:25)
  • 10 Modeling the Wreckage Part 3 Combining Hull and Decks ( 6:53)
  • 11 Modeling the Wreckage Part 4 Thicken ( 7:13)
  • 12 Modeling the Fighter Part 1 Body (22:52)
  • 13 Modeling the Fighter Part 2 More Body Work (12: 8)
  • 14 Modeling the Fighter Part 3 Guns (11:39)
  • 15 Modeling the Engine Fire ( 5:58)
  • 16 Ink and Paint the Fighter (20:11)
  • 17 Setting up the Fighter and Engine Fire (19:28)
  • 17a Notes About Inertia ( 4:12)
  • 18 Ink and Paint the Wreckage (11:42)
  • 19 Setting Up the Scene (11:47)
  • 20 Animating the Camera (13:13)
  • 21 Reconfiguring the Scene ( 7: 4)
  • 22 Animating the Fighter (10:48)
  • 23 Animating the Engine Fire (11:32)
  • 24 Adding a Second Fighter (18:29)
  • 25 Animating the Fighters Wrap Up ( 2:51)