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September, 2015


Cloud & Nebula Creation- Lightwave 2015- Volume #7- Particles & HyperVoxels I Basics

Learn How to Create Clouds and Outer Space Nebulas in Lightwave 2015. Spice up your sky environments and outer space scenes. In this Beginner Level Lightwave 2015 tutorial Adam Gibson demonstrates easy to follow steps for Cloud and Nebula creation in Layout. So if you are new to Particles and HyperVoxels this tutorial is a great place to start. $19.00 US   Table of Contents for Volume #7: Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- HyperVoxel Cloud Concepts Chapter 3- HyperVoxel Cloud Initial Set-Up Chapter 4- HyperVoxel Cloud (Stretch Direction Input Parameter) Chapter 5- HyperVoxelRead More

Fusion for LightWave Artists

Fusion for LightWave Artists by Kelly “Kat” Myers This title is massive! Fusion for LightWave Artists is a 420 minute exploration and project based tutorial that demonstrates how you can leverage the power of BlackMagic Design’s Fusion 7 (or 8) which is now free; into your LightWave production workflows. Whether you use Mac or PC, Fusion is your best and most affordable compositing option available that provides absolutely uncompromising results and speed. Now, experience how you can take your LightWave work to the next level. Fusion and LightWave have a longRead More

Using Adobe Character Animator for Lip Sync 2: Triggering Morphs

Here it is. Part Two of dwburman’s free tutorials showing how to use Adobe’s Character Animator (Preview) to animate mouths for LightWave and other apps. This time it’s definitely a LightWave tutorial, although the principles should work in other apps that can sample a color value from an image sequence and apply it to something else.   Here’s a little promo for the tutorial showing the results of the technique.   The tutorial itself is 18 minutes long and quickly covers steps in Photoshop, Character Animator and LightWave. The conceptRead More

Using Adobe Character Animator for Lip Sync

Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers got a new app with After Effects when CC2015 was released. It’s a small, still-in-development app called Character Animator (preview). It’s designed to use a webcam to track video and audio and a few other optional inputs to do simple, automated character animation. DWBurman has been experimenting with focusing on using it primarily to do automated lip syncing. By reducing the artwork to just the mouth, and turning off the head tracking, you can export a png sequence that you can use as a texture onRead More

RealFlow 2015 Reel

The good folks over at NextLimit have been busy. So have their users. Check out the 2015 RealFlow show reel.