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Fusion for LightWave Artists

Fusion for LightWave Artists by Kelly “Kat” Myers

This title is massive! Fusion for LightWave Artists is a 420 minute exploration and project based tutorial that demonstrates how you can leverage the power of BlackMagic Design’s Fusion 7 (or 8) which is now free; into your LightWave production workflows. Whether you use Mac or PC, Fusion is your best and most affordable compositing option available that provides absolutely uncompromising results and speed. Now, experience how you can take your LightWave work to the next level. Fusion and LightWave have a long history of being used together in top studios over the last two decades producing some of the most iconic television shows and films of our time.SimpleSubjects_01 In this video learn how to make use of Fusion’s powerful workflow and LightWave render buffer system to integrate photographic (stills or video can be used) material producing photorealistic composites. Kat masterfully walks you through the process over the course of 27 video clips and 4 project based examples demonstrating the use of Object ID, Surface ID, Depth (linear fog and z-Buffer techniques are covered) to gain maximum control over your shots. Learn how to produce color correction effects over distances using depth as well as DoF application and how to avoid “gotchas” when working with deep pixel data. Take advantage of LightWave’s Shadow Catcher node and learn how you can precisely control the results in comp helping you to save time in render as well as remain flexible when it comes to your final look.DepthBlurExampl_02 Learn how you can take advantage of LightWave’s native Composite Buffer tool or DB-W’s exrTrader buffer saver export plug-in to reduce the amount of image files you have to manage while getting the most out of each render pass to create your final composites. Learn how to use the power of motion vectors and work with them in comp without the need for any RSMB plug-ins or fancy tricks to make them work. Over 1.64GB in size this video is a huge value and comes with rendered image content and scenes (The A-10 model/scenes are not included due to copyright reasons, but the renders are). PhotoRealCompExample This video is the first part in a series of videos designed specifically for LightWave artists in mind and is balanced between Layout and Fusion’s interface building up each element so the artist gets a firm grasp as to how to break out shots for compositing later. A10CompExample_01 A10CompExample LWA10Demo Get it now for only $39.49USD

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