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Advanced TubulenceFD for LightWave3D – Rising From the Fog

Now that TurbulenceFD is a part of LightWave3D 2023 (and up), Kat has produced a lovely tutorial that demonstrates some of the more advanced features while achieving a Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan “mutara nebula” spaceship rising through the gaseous cloud effect. Using the Iron Sky “Valkyrie” UFO as a subject in this case (included in the content files!), Kat walks you through the various aspects of more advanced functions in TurbulenceFD including Velocity Dampening, Velocity Weight, using helper objects, object vs. particle for “cloud” generation techniques and more.

With a run time of approximately 149 minutes sectioned off into 9 easy-to-follow videos, this tutorial will show you how to manipulate Density Fluid emission in ways previously not discussed or perhaps considered impossible by many users.
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