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September, 2021


Kat’s DTLV Texture Pack Vol. 1

Kat spent a good while walking around the Downtown Las Vegas area taking these lovely photographs for you that are perfect for textures in use with just about any 3D program on the planet, especially LightWave3D. You get:Brick = 16CamoGrass = 16Cement = 34DirtSan =56Metalics = 115Misc = 9PlasterStucco = 46StoneRocks = 16Woods = 114That’s 422 images ready for you to drop into a program such as Materializer (Materializer example project included!) to create your texture sets from for PBR use in just about any modern rendering engine such asRead More

Secrets to Publishing a Children’s Book on Amazon & Kindle for Free!! -Using Lightwave 3D & Photoshop or Using Any Other 3D & 2D Software Packages!! -Volume #2

In this second volume 3D Instructor Adam Gibson continues to show more detailed instruction on how to prepare and create your self-published books for submission to Amazon (Paperbacks) and Kindle (EBooks). Get your books published faster and avoid rejections during the publishing process!! Table of Contents- Volume #2Chapter # 1- Creating and Publishing EBook for Amazon/Kindle StoreChapter # 2- Avoiding Image Resolution Loss in WordChapter # 3- Margins Explained and in Software PackagesChapter # 4- Margin Grid in Microsoft WordChapter # 5- Bleed IntroductionChapter # 6- PDF Layout Example inRead More