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Nuclear Power Plant For LightWave3D 2015 +

Here is the Nuclear Power Plant from the 2008 SyFy Channel Movie of the Week, “Fireball” in LightWave3D 2015 format (can easily converted to 2018+). It’s partially based on the physical location in the lower mainland (Vancouver BC) wastewater treatment facility where a portion of the film’s final sequences were shot as there is no nuclear power plant in Western Canada. Included as a bonus to this model/assembly, is the “reactor core” as a “half set”. This was used for certain shots including several that got cut for time. WithRead More

Kat Flash Sale! Get 35% off Kat’s stuffs and things for a limited time only!

Greetings and happy long weekend for those of you in the US (President’s Day) and elsewhere around the world where you get a well-deserved break. Kat is doing a flash sale for a limited time only. Use the coupon code: KittyCoupon!and get 35% off all of Kat’s stuffs and things. Tutorial videos, model packs, presets, bundles, scene packs, image collections are all on sale from Kat. So don’t miss out. Kat’s Videos

Advanced TubulenceFD for LightWave3D – Rising From the Fog

Now that TurbulenceFD is a part of LightWave3D 2023 (and up), Kat has produced a lovely tutorial that demonstrates some of the more advanced features while achieving a Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan “mutara nebula” spaceship rising through the gaseous cloud effect. Using the Iron Sky “Valkyrie” UFO as a subject in this case (included in the content files!), Kat walks you through the various aspects of more advanced functions in TurbulenceFD including Velocity Dampening, Velocity Weight, using helper objects, object vs. particle for “cloud” generation techniques and more.WithRead More

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 23 – Top Gunner 3 Fighter Combat

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 23 from Kelly “Kat” Myers is a shot study and recreation of a VFX shot from The Asylum’s “Top Gunner 3” which was released in the early fall of 2023 on various streaming networks worldwide. In this title, Kat gets straight into it with a scene where an experimental 6th Generation US Fighter Jet (but production decided to use the YF-23 Black Widow model, which was the design loser in the F-22 competition back in the early 1990s) launches a missile and destroys a Russian Su-53Read More

Kat’s EmberGen Presets Vol. 1 – Ground Explosions

JangaFX EmberGen is a real-time computational fluid Dynamics simulation solution for smoke and fire. Similar in purpose to Jawset’s TurbulenceFD which Kat has been using for over a decade now and produced several video and preset scene packs for, the biggest advantage that EmberGen has is its immediacy. What you see is what you get, in real-time instead of simming for minutes or sometimes hours with TurbulenceFD and then having to try and shade things and then render it. EmberGen is a massive leap forward and Kat has been workingRead More

Kat’s Snow Pack for LightWave3D 2015.3

Here is a great little pack of 14 snow setups for use in your scenes with LightWave3D 2015.x (or above)Taken from several different feature films and TV shows Kat has done over the years, these are pretty much drop-in and go with minimal adjustment required. They are optimized to render fast, featuring 12 different unique snow flakes, making use of PFX and Instancing. Do everything from a Charlie Brown or South Park snow-like effect to full-on Blizzard scenes with these!This pack contains 14 scenes of various snow like conditions, usingRead More

It’s time for our annual Independence Day Sale!

Ah yes! Summertime is here and it’s time for our annual Independence Day Sale as Canada Day (July 1st) and American Independence Day (July 4th) both quickly approach. Get 30% off until July 9th, 2023 on practically everything in the store from bundles to presets, models and of course, tutorials! Use the coupon code: ID4L3D2023 and save 30% when you are in the check out! Speaking of tutorials, Adam Gibson has been adding regularly to the catalog here at so make sure you check out his latest offerings. Meanwhile,Read More

Only 2 days left to get in on the new LightWave Digital Deal!

Greetings LightWavers! I know we have been a bit quiet over the last few months, but it has been for a lot of good reasons. Right now, while we prep new material and goodies for the LightWave community, we wanted to remind everyone that the LightWave Digital deal on upgrading and or new seats with extra goodies for an Autumn 2023 release of LightWave3D 2023 is almost over. Get in now to ensure maximum savings! Lightwave 3D deals. Ends Thursday 15th June. Password: JeniSys

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 22

Kat is back with another in the Practical Production Techniques series, this time with Volume 22!In this installment in the incredibly popular series, Kat walks you through a complete VFX shot for “Curse of The Phantom Shadow” and continues off of the back of Project TowTruck (see Kat’s other titles for details). Everything from BG plate clean up and roto, animation, TurbulenceFD effect, to lighting, rendering, and to final comp working in LightWave3D 2020.0.3 and Fusion 18, this video has it all!Kat runs through everything needed to work with theRead More

A win for LightWave3D – Shark Side of the Moon on Tubi, Plus our Back to School Sale on now!

It’s time for our annual Back to School sale!Use the coupon code: BTS2022L3D and get 30% off your purchases of almost everything in our store until September 10th!While you are doing that, make sure you check out the Tubi Originals trailer for “Shark Side of the Moon”, made with LightWave3D, Fusion and After Effects by the artists of The Asylum. That includes Kat, Wes Sargent, Mojo, Jon Karner, David Morton, Glenn Campbell (VFX Supervisor), Tammy Klien, Neil Sopata, Sasha Burrow and many others. LightWave3D was  THE 3D application that wasRead More

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 21 – VFX Editing and Previs

Practical Production Techniques Vol 21 is a 5.5-hour (plus bonus video!) tour de force of VFX Editing and other Previs process and logic to approaching the shot breakdown and logging methodology found in modern visual effects budgeting and supervision. But this title is much more than that!Taking the last “big sequence” of VFX needed to complete the short film “Curse of the Phantom Shadow” which itself contains over 80 Visual Effects shots for 4 minutes out of the 30+ minute film that has over 400 vfx shots (so far); thisRead More

NATO Alliance Medium Girder Bridge Model For LW 2015 and 2020

Originally Built in LightWave3 5.6 on my SGI 02 workstation back in 2002, for the Canadian Army via a tech company in Vancouver that I was sub-contracting with – The NATO Alliance Medium Girder Bridge is a standard all aluminum mobile field bridge system for crossing rivers, creaks, gorges, you name it. It is used by all member NATO countries Armies and is typically deployed in theater in under an hour for the Single Stack Configuration and under 3 hours for the Double Stack Configuration depending on conditions by armyRead More

Kat’s Car Paint Collection Vol 1 (LightWave3D 2018+ Surface Presets)

Kat has been hard at work preparing these for you! Get 99 amazing presets that are in many cases factory color correct and based on year of issue color schemes for Cars, Trucks, and even BMX bikes! These presets are for use with LightWave3D 2018+ as the Car Paint Node Material shading model is what makes these surfaces shine (literally). No plug-ins are required for use.  Just native LightWave3D 2018+ and you get them all for a really low price (see below). Here is the complete image catalog gallery forRead More

Kat’s DTLV Texture Pack Vol. 2

Kat has released Volume 2 of his DT Las Vegas Texture Pack. Taken throughout the late summer months of 2021 in the downtown Las Vegas area, these lovely photographs are perfect for textures in use with just about any 3D program on the planet, especially LightWave3D. This is a complimenting package to the first volume so make sure to check that one out as well so you have the complete set. You get:Graffiti = 53GroundNStuff = 83StuccoStoneWalls =56Misc = 11 That’s just over 200 images ready for you to dropRead More

ZBrush 2022 is out!

Nice to get a notice that ZBrush 2022 is out on a Sunday evening. Further details are here Once again, perpetual licenses remain available for a very reasonable price and upgradable for free. Nice! Just goes to show you that you can do awesome things and not screw your customers. There are several new tools in this release that most certainly are immediately usable for many artists. These include the new Emboss Surface tool called “Bas Relief”, “Bevel Pro” and the newly updated “Knife Tool” which does some veryRead More

Kat’s DTLV Texture Pack Vol. 1

Kat spent a good while walking around the Downtown Las Vegas area taking these lovely photographs for you that are perfect for textures in use with just about any 3D program on the planet, especially LightWave3D. You get:Brick = 16CamoGrass = 16Cement = 34DirtSan =56Metalics = 115Misc = 9PlasterStucco = 46StoneRocks = 16Woods = 114That’s 422 images ready for you to drop into a program such as Materializer (Materializer example project included!) to create your texture sets from for PBR use in just about any modern rendering engine such asRead More

Kat’s LW 2020 Presets Vol. 1. Glass, Gemstones, General Metals

Get awesome new surface presets covering Glass, Gemstones and General Metals!55 Presets (.pst files) for Glass and Gems featuring smooth, double sided, opaque settings that range from physically accurate to stylized art deco materials. For metals, (mostly Conductor Material Based) Kat has included 28 amazing metal presets that serve as an amazing basis for your object/scene surfacing needs or are directly ready to go with optimizations for rendering cleanly under almost all scenarios as quickly as possible.All presets were made in LW 2020.0.3 but should load in any version fromRead More

Get 30% off during our Annual Back to School Sale here at!

Back to school with has never been better! Save 30% on almost everything in the store from August 26th until September 8th, 2021 by using the coupon code: L3D2021BTSSaving include all titles in the store plus many bundles, assets and more! We have several new things for you to check out plus more coming including LW 2018+ presets and a huge texture library from Kat later today! As we move into the fall, now is a great time to pick up all the tutorials and bits that you mayRead More

PD Howler 2022.1 Joins the Family!

PD Howler 2022.1 “Natural media painting, video, animation, 3D, visual effects”Experience breakthrough real-time howling performance in your image painting! We are always wanting to assist in the development and marketing/sales of great CG art tools and the support of developers who make them so we have teamed up with Dan Ritchie, the developer of PDHowler to do just that. One of the things I’ve immediately discovered with PDHowler is just how fast you can paint something out that looks great. Also, it can export to animated GIF, .AVI, WMV formatsRead More

Ultra Bundle! Practical Production Techniques Vol. 1 – 20!

Yes, you read that right. After all we know how much you love bundles from Get all 20 (current total as of August 17th, 2021) video titles of Kat’s Practical Production Techniques Series for the low bundled price of  just $249.00USD which is a massive savings if you bought all of these titles separate which would be $546.25USD! That’s a super awesome deal saving you 300 bucks! How kick ass is that meow? Get The Ultra Practical Production Techniques Vol. 1 – 20 Bundle now for just $249.00USD