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April, 2011


Please stand by…

In our efforts to try and keep as much russian/chinese proxy spam off our forums we have temporarily had to pull the plug on all IPs from those areas that we could. This however has caused our server some confusion and may be affecting IPs from valid fans and users. We are working to correct this and hope to have a solution very quickly. Please stand by and be patient while we get this sorted out. We are sorry for any troubles this may cause at this time. KeepRead More

Edgepack Tools update

Regrettably, due to legal reasons, the Edgepack suite of tools has been removed from Liberty3D. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have an update on this shortly.

Rebel Hill releases RHiggit for LightWave3D

Rebelhill is someone in the LW community that needs very little introduction. A top-notch industry veteran character animator and excellent LightWave3D instructor, we all know him well, but he’s always got something cooking that blows minds. This past week he has released a complete set of rigging tools for LightWave3D that continue to bring huge amounts of power to LightWave for Character Animators. With all this talk of “Messiah” as of late, which is fine – I think its cool (messiah that is) its really nice to see someone usingRead More