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Kat’s Car Paint Collection Vol 1 (LightWave3D 2018+ Surface Presets)

Kat has been hard at work preparing these for you! Get 99 amazing presets that are in many cases factory color correct and based on year of issue color schemes for Cars, Trucks, and even BMX bikes! These presets are for use with LightWave3D 2018+ as the Car Paint Node Material shading model is what makes these surfaces shine (literally). No plug-ins are required for use.  Just native LightWave3D 2018+ and you get them all for a really low price (see below). Here is the complete image catalog gallery for this awesome collection below. When we say factory correct, we really mean it. Kat took the time to pull color information from a number of Color Scheme websites for Ford, Chevy, Subaru, Honda, Scion, Nissan, Chrysler, Haro Bikes, Schwinn Bicycles while throwing in other few very handy surfaces that make use of the Car Paint Material to produce nice complimentary materials handy elsewhere. For example, the Car Paint Material can be used specialty metal, rubber and plastic like surfaces that are accurate to things like Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhone ear buds, and more. Each preset is available in .pst and .srf formats along with the image gallery above rendered out and included for fast and reference. Great for communicating with a client! The node flows of each preset are as efficiently and simply constructed as possible for people to easily pull apart, modify and most importantly – understand how they work! All presets are optimized for render quality and speed balance. Many presets involve the creation of a Real car paint flake effect.  This comes from mixing materials and it’s really easy once you see how Kat does it in his presets. Simply open one of them up and check out the two car paint materials in the node flow and how they blend. Nothing scary and easily adjustable for look. There are more coming in this series of  LW 2018+ Presets so make sure to look for ones coming and the ones released before hand. Remember, this is just Surface Editor Presets so far. Just wait until we get into HVs and more! Get this collection now for $14.95USD

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