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April, 2021


ViC-B1 Robot Model Kit STL Download

ViC B1 design - STL download by dwburman

Meet ViC-B1!ViC-B1 is your multi-functional household robot and new best friend! Whether it’s helping with chores or just keeping you company, this mechanical marvel does it all! Okay, it’s just a simple-to-assemble 3D printed resin model kit that brings to mind some retro-futuristic robot designs.This is a .zip file with several .stl files in it including separate pieces both with and without supports for resin printers.• DOWNLOADABLE STL files for 3D Printing• Includes pre-supported version for resin 3D printers• Stands about 3 inches tall with the full canopy and antenna• NotRead More

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 19 – Killing fireflies dead!

Let’s kill fireflies! And noise! Kat walks you through how to eliminate those pesky fireflies and other various forms of noise in Practical Production Techniques Vol. 19 – Killing Fireflies Dead! Since LW 2018 and the introduction of the PBR materials and rendering engine technology, users around the world, old and new have fought with the problems of dealing with noise and fireflies (those evil hot speckles) in their renders. These issues have unfortunately given many users that the new rendering and surfacing materials system is inferior to the oldRead More