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December, 2012


Metablobs? Oh my!

Liberty3D citizens Kevin Philips and Dana W. Burman have made a few short videos on metablob animation.

First Kevin made a video showing how to make a metablob animation that is predictable and loopable using a morphing point cloud

Then he followed that up by making an instructional video that demonstrates how HyperVoxel blending works.

Dana built on Kevin’s work by showing how, if you don’t need the control or loopability, you can very quickly set up a similar animation using LightWave 11’s Flocking tools.

Render Presets For LightWave3D

Render Presets is a plugin written by Johan Steen in Python for LightWave 3D that has caught our attention and for good reason.   Here is an excerpt from his site. “Originally created when working on a project that had me switching between a couple of different rendering settings for the same scenes over and over again. The initial iteration only contained the settings I switched between then, but for the public release most of LightWave’s common render settings are included. More settings might be added in the future whenRead More

3D Coat 3.7- Detailing a StarFighter Vol.2 – Color Maps

Adam Gibson returns once again with more in his 3D-Coat series with Detailing a StarFighter Vol.2 – Color Maps.