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Metablobs? Oh my!

Liberty3D citizens Kevin Phillips and Dana W. Burman have made a few short videos on metablob animation. First, Kevin made a video showing how to make a metablob animation that is predictable and loopable using a morphing point cloud Watch on YouTube He then followed that up by making an instructional video that demonstrates how HyperVoxel blending works. Watch on YouTube Dana built on Kevin’s work by showing how, if you don’t need the control or loopability, you can very quickly set up a similar animation using LightWave 11’s Flocking tools. Watch on YouTube

2 Comments to Metablobs? Oh my!

  1. SonicN2O says:

    I’m having some trouble viewing the videos… The 1st and 3rd ones don’t play, and the 2nd one just does audio.

  2. dwburman says:

    I’m not sure why you’re having trouble, but I put the links to the videos on YouTube below the in-line viewer, so if you can watch videos at, you should be able to see them.

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