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August, 2014


Online 3D Model Conversion tool

We stumbled across an online 3D model conversion tool we thought might interest some of you. There are more input formats than output formats, so this could come in handy if you have an object in an odd format (full list is below) that you need to get into LightWave. It also exports a couple of formats that LightWave doesn’t have an exporter for. The site is based on Open Asset Import Library, an Open Source library that reads arounds 30 different 3D asset formats and exports to around 8 formats.     Online 3DRead More

25% off Sale for Back to School Plus LW+Octane Render Deal!

LightWave3D 11.6 + Octane Render / Octane For LightWave3D Deals No more excuses! If you haven’t upgraded your older seat of LW3D, now is the time! The LightWave3D Group and Otoy (the makers of Octane Render) have teamed up to offer a special bundle for new and upgrades of seats of LightWave3D 11.x. We know, based on customer feedback that a lot of you have not upgraded your 9.6, 10.x and some even your 8.x seats of LightWave3D. If you have been holding out for whatever reason – now isRead More

New for Layout: RR Tools Pro available now!

Click this link for the RR_Tools_Pro main page. For more information on this plugin set. The video below demonstrates these new tools in action.

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 7 – Advanced Surface Baking Part II

Kat is back with another video in the Practical Production Techniques Series! This time he covers Advanced Surface Baking Part II – but in LightWave Modeler rather than using the LightWave Surface Baking Camera method. Using a Daz3D sourced character (not included), LightWave Modeler, BlyTools PB_NormalBaker (which bakes a lot more than normals!) for Modeler, and the new, soon to be released Weighter 2.0 from Liberty3D (the old Lscript version is available here); Kat shows you everything you need to know about how to use these tools to produce game readyRead More