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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 7 – Advanced Surface Baking Part II

Kat is back with another video in the Practical Production Techniques Series! This time he covers Advanced Surface Baking Part II – but in LightWave Modeler rather than using the LightWave Surface Baking Camera method.pb_baker_grab Using a Daz3D sourced character (not included), LightWave Modeler, BlyTools PB_NormalBaker (which bakes a lot more than normals!) for Modeler, and the new, soon to be released Weighter 2.0 from Liberty3D (the old Lscript version is available here); Kat shows you everything you need to know about how to use these tools to produce game ready characters (and practically anything else) quickly. For LW artists who work with Unity3D or UDK, these tips are essential and incredibly useful. Combined with the information in Practical Production Techniques Vol. 6, you will have all of the skills needed to produce wonderful assets for use in reduced data set oriented pipelines, game engines and even cool stuff like SketchFab!PB_Baker_OptionsWindowSettings   Stacy_Suit_PB_Baker_Test_R04   Only $23.95 USD

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