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LightWave3D 2020.0.2 Released!

Just about 1 hour ago, NewTek’s LightWave Group released the latest in the 2020 series of patches. LightWave3D 2020.0.2 corrects for some very interesting bugs, but also some interesting development path errors made by later versions of LightWave3D such a the elimination of the Ambient Light feature in 2018. It’s now back! Woohoo! We really appreciate this one coming back. While someone once said “There is nothing more real than real”, I would counter with features and functions like this are what give “Movies their magic”.  This is one of those LightWave3D features that may seem ancient and obsolete on the surface, but when you dig deep, the mage is there and it provides much of what makes LightWave3D great. “Simple tricks and nonsense…” Oh… Yeah… about that. Use the force kitties! LightWave is the lightside of the force! Many bug fixes and those including fixes to features introduced in 2020.0 are present in this release. Here is the full Change log. We have also included the change log list below so you can check it out, but what are you waiting for? Go and grab it in your accounts right now! Over the course of the rest of the week we will be setting up LightWave3D 2020.0.2 on our LightForge Render Network and do a few tests to make sure things are working nicely. We will post an update about the availability of this new version on the LightForge Render Network.. This is a very welcomed update and we than the LWG for their hard work on this one! Change log details! Lots of stuff!
LightWave 2020.0.2 (Build 3226) Final Release Change Log - July 15, 2020

2020.0.2 will install into its own directory. 2020.0.2 uses the same license as your 2020.0, and 2020.0.1 license - just drag-and-drop the license into the interface of 2020.0.2 when first launching 2020.0.2.

Bumped build number to 3226.
Changed version to 2020.0.2

Mirror in Modeler addressed to keep from flipping polygons and creating 'bad polygons' while mirroring.
Changed the Ambient and Environment light intensity to percentage.
Changed the Ambient light default to 25%.
The ambient light was not disabled when "Affect Diffuse" is off.

LB-5928 LW2020_OpenGL Overlay & OpenGL WireFrame is slow compared to LW2019
LB-6031 color info is not updating in OpenGL when fibers are create in modeler.
LB-6276 OpenGL Transparency is not working properly with this scene
LB-6326 Color correct OpenGL not working
LB-6327 Use Background Color not working in OpenGL
LB-6328 OpenGL Fog causes to loose textures in OpenGL view
LB-6414 OGL Transparency Disappears
LB-6431 Rendering does not progress.
LB-6536 GE no longer shares motion modifiers or expressions with other tool.
LB-6537 Modeler errors when loading objects with cycler on surfaces
LB-6538 Particle Blur is broken
LB-6539 Distribute tool doesn't work as expected
LB-6549 Layout - Numeric Counter Sliders are delayed when scrubbing
LB-6552 VPR lockup (maybe volumetrics related?)
LB-6568 restarting windows with the hub ON clears LWEXT .CFG
LB-6575 There is no Calculate Weights button on Vertex Paint.
LB-6581 Set Value tool - Multilayer Crash Problem
LB-6582 Background Layer wireframe BUG
LB-6584 Particle Blur transform wrong
LB-6587 Bad shading on principled hair
LB-6590 Tiny values appear to be zero
LB-6592 Refraction broken
LB-6593 selecting multiple objects in current list does not update graph editor
LB-6595 ClipMap Label BUG
LB-6596 Too many clones of certain light types crash Layout
LB-6597 Dispersion in dielectric seems broken
LB-6605 Modeler Wireframe FG/BG Texture BUG
LB-6606 Advect Points node crash. reject incorrect grid types.
LB-6615 Using 1% or 100% in the dispersion in dielectric makes no difference
LB-6620 "TIFF32" output is garbled.
LB-6624 Importing scene with FiberFX elements crashes Layout.
LB-6626 Fiber FX - Fiber V seems flipped.
LB-6627 Fiber FX - Any textures seems to crash FFX on reloading scene.
LB-6631 Clamp Camera Property value Filter Radius to a minimum of .5
LB-6632 OpenVDB not finding files stored outside of content folder.
LB-6633 FFX and OpenVDB wont work together on load scene.
LB-6635 OpenImageDenoiser plugin not loading on Mac
LB-6654 No Spotlight cone angle and soft edge angle options

LWB-5953 Node still renders preview if toggled from NPT_CUSTOM to NPT_OFF
LWB-6019 Digital Confusion Crashes when Making a Preview with this scene.
LWB-6027 error export to .LWO 5
LWB-6028 FiberFX render freeze in LW2020
LWB-6042 Contains 1 point polygon on UV and crashes
LWB-6043 Collapse Obj tool From Directory issue returned.
LWB-6048 Instances inverted on flat plane
LWB-6057 If start frame is <-99 image sequences break and won't load properly
LWB-6059 Loading/Converting old Scene in Layout crashes the application
LWB-6064 OpenVDB file-paths do not work outside content directory.
LWB-6073 Volumetric VPR problem if material applied to null is animated.
LWB-6081 I can't add images to the UDIM
LWB-6085 Environment Light doesn't render properly over LWSN
LWB-6119 Removed the Lib/*.pyc files from the Python SDK archive. 
LWB-6137 Deleting Weight Map Crashing Error

LWF-2645 [request]Revival of Ambient Light and Intensity.

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