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Katnadoes for Embergen!

Oh no! It’s a Katnado!
Well, how about a bunch of Embergen based Tornadoes from VFX Artist Kelly “Kat” Myers, created for the Asylum film “The Twisterz” (TBD)? In this package you get all the tornadoes that Kat created for the film plus the work-up files and “bonus bits” VFX artists will need to create their own tornadoes ranging from a simple twister up into F4 category.
Ground dust, base swirls, and funnel clouds are all included.

With tornado season in full swing this spring/summer and with some big “tornado” movies coming out, this is a great time to make some of your own using these presets as a framework using Embergen from JangaFX. Please note that these are JUST the presets created for the show and require a rather powerful nVidia RTX level graphics card to work as set up. The graphics card used to create these presets was an RTX 4060Ti with 16GB VRAM. Cards in the 20xx or 30xx may perform poorly depending on settings, available VRAM, and the .ember file being used. These are being made available for study and general use in your own productions. Have fun and watch out for flying cows!
Grab it now for just $18.99USD

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