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Weighter 2.0

Weighter 2.0 for LightWave3D Modeler Liberty3D Weighter2.0 requires at least NewTek’s LightWave v9.3.1 in order to run. The product includes plug-ins for the Win 32, 64 bit platform as well as a MacOS Universal Binary version. Based on the original Lscript concepts of Alexandre Labedade’s Weighter plug-in, Weighter 2.0 provides similar functionality but at compiled C/C++ plug-in speeds and stability when handling large data sets that consume significant amounts of system RAM in Modeler. This plugin will help you to copy any vertex map from one mesh to another  even with completely different meshes structures (shape, density, etc). It’s works like a “projector”, projecting from the BG layer data onto the FG layer data. Transfer weight maps, geometry maps, (the actual shape of an object to another object), morph maps and even UVs using a fast and easy to use tool doing it all at speeds up to 89 times faster (the best we could measure it) than Lscript can. The video clip below was produced by Petter Sundnes (MentalFish) using the original Weighter 2.0 Lscript based plug-in. We have kept the interface of the compiled C/C++ version as close to the original Lscript as possible, so the information in the video below still applies. This is a great example of how Weighter 2.0 can be used with character models but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are offering Weighter 2.0 for a limited time, introductory price  of $29.49USD before raising the price to $39.95. We know that many of you have been waiting for this tool for a LONG time and wanted to thank you for your patience in doing so. Weighter 2.0 does not work past LightWave3D 11.6. (Limited Time Only) $24.95USD