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January, 2023


LightWave 2020- Volume #20- Retro Spaceship Modeling

In this twentieth volume of the Lightwave 2020/2019/2018 Series 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces LightWave 2020’s powerful modeling toolset.  A great place to start for beginner LightWave Users. Topics and Tools Covered: 1) Sub-D Modeling, 2) Basic Polygon Theory, 3) Move Tool, 4) Rotate Tool, 5) Stretch Tool, 6) Size Tool, 7) Extender Plus Tool, 8) Bandsaw Pro Tool, 9) Mouse Action-Center Tools, 10) Point/Polygon/Edge Selection Tools, 11) Basic Surfing Introduction, 12) Copy/Cut/Paste Tools, 13)Model Layer Navigation, 14) Statistics Panel, 15) Mirror Tool, 16) Saving/Opening 3D Model Files, 17) ShadowRead More