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July, 2014


New layout plugins by Ryan Roye

I always felt that Lightwave Layout was lacking a few critical pieces of functionality necessary to have efficient rigging and animation workflows, so I’m considering this an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: learn programming in Lightwave, and address some of the long-standing issues i’ve had with the tools available out of the box. Currently, Symmetry editing and bone pinning tools have been made. More are in the works in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! (NOTE: You can get to all of Ryan’s content via theRead More

RHiggit V2 – Released!

Finally… RHiggit V2 is here…Featuring unparallelled levels of functionality and ease of use, RHiggit 2 offers the most versatile, powerful, and artist friendly rigging toolset available no just for LightWave, but for ANY 3d app. Augmented with additional tools which help to streamline workflow in both custom manual rigging and animation tasks, both of general item, and RHiggit rig specific needs, it offers a complete system which will not simply improve your working practices, but which will transform the way you rig and animate in LightWave unlike any tool youRead More